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Michael Hester is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: LPC, LCDC, LVN
Years in Practice: 17
State: VA

Hello, my name is Michael. I am an Expert People Developer (EPD), United States Army and Georgia National Guard veteran; a servant-leader with over 25 years of experience in the helping field.

As a graduate of Bowie State University, Adler-Dreikurs Institute, Washington Bible College, Prince George’s Community College and the Academy of Health Sciences, I earned numerous professional validating credentials. In addition to being a psychotherapist and educator, I participated in Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield during the Persian Gulf War, presented at various conferences and to general audiences speaking on the topics health, personal growth, spirituality, overcoming real and perceived challenges and Phases of Life and HESTEROLOGY.

Phases of Life and HESTEROLOGY are a growth and development theory and counseling methodology I created and developed. I am an energetic, interactive and solution-focused psychotherapist and facilitator. My therapeutic approach and educational philosophy includes providing support and practical feedback to help participants learn and effectively address life challenges and mistaken goals.

Although I specialized in Adlerian therapeutic techniques, complementary methodologies are integrated as needed to offer a highly personalized and holistic approach. With compassion and understanding, I work with individuals, couples, and groups throughout the lifespan to help them build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing.

I am excited about the possibilities and look forward to working with you.

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Michael is the best therapist I have ever had.

Apr 10, 2023


Excellent therapist!

Apr 06, 2023


Michael Hester was such a great help for my life. Literally after every session, i saw a change in my life. Michael listened to me, gave me great advice, and helped affirmed who I am. I am super grateful for him and this is one of the best decision, i've ever made.

Mar 31, 2023


Michael is friendly, a great listener and provides practical easy-to-apply techniques immediately after the session. I always leave our sessions feeling lighter, lifted and listened to.

Mar 15, 2023


Michael was very friendly and approachable, and has a very uplifting demeanor. He did great at explaining a very useful lesson on cognitive reframing in a way that was easy to assimilate.

Mar 04, 2023


I appreciate that Michael is active in challenging and encouraging me. I really appreciate his sense of humor. That has been a much needed salve for me during this time. Also he gave me permission to say that my therapist says I'm god which gives me some serious clout. If I could give him a high five after every session I would.

Feb 23, 2023


Talking to him proves to be an enjoyable experience. He provides a light-hearted sessions in which one can tackle hard to talk about information.

Feb 19, 2023


Michael is a burst of energy and insight that came in a much needed time in my personal life. Highly recommend

Feb 18, 2023


Very insightful and uplifting.

Feb 10, 2023


Michael helped me immensely realise what needed to happen in order for things to change. He also helped me realise that change is possible with the right guidance. This man has made it his life to purpose to better others, there is no greater purpose.

Feb 10, 2023



Feb 08, 2023


Dr. Hester is a great therapist. Gives great advice. Feels like I’ve known him for years even though we just met. Down to earth

Feb 02, 2023


Michael was very helpful to me! ( He deserves a more eloquent review than that, but that's all the words I can muster at the moment and hopefully it got the most important point across anyway.)

Jan 28, 2023


Truly Appreciate Michael... He makes it easy to Speak Freely, while helping You at the Same time.

Jan 23, 2023


Pure positive energy on my first session. Looking forward to keep going !

Jan 22, 2023


Mike has helped me greatly even from the first day. You can tell that he cares and is there to help in extremely effective ways.

Jan 20, 2023


Michael has helped me so much in so few times. His energy and empathy are amazing and contagious. Michael is gifted at making me feel like his sole client. He is genuine and real with an awesome sense of humor

Jan 15, 2023


Michael is very knowledgeable and understanding. He is a great listener and has a planned approach to overcome one’s obstacles. He challenges you but also breaks ideas and suggestions down very well. I would highly recommend Michael.

Jan 13, 2023


Michael is great!

Jan 06, 2023


Incredible therapist. He's honest, transparent, but also very supportive. Really like Michael a lot and I highly recommend him!!

Dec 21, 2022


Had my first session with Michael today and all I can say is, ‘Wow’!! He got a handle on my issues within record time and explains things in ways which really resonate. I’ve had many counselling sessions in the past with other counsellors and whilst they have all helped in some way, I have never experienced such a positive and insightful counselling session as I have with Michael. Really looking forward to the next session!

E.V.·Jul 28, 2022


Very understanding and open minded. listenes to you

N.I.·Jul 15, 2022


Michael Hester is gentle when he needs to be and real with me when I need it. 10/10 would therapist again

Z.U.·Jun 11, 2022


I'm so thankful for the expertise of Michael. I leave every session better than where I started. His perspective and knowledge in so many areas provides me with the comfort to think holistic.

T.I.·Jun 08, 2022


Great Therapist.

K.A.·May 25, 2022


It is early in our relationship but so far he is amazing and I am happy with his guidance.

T.A.·May 25, 2022


Michael is a wise man who has greatly helped me in only a few sessions. I look forward to continuing my sessions with him.

R.Y.·May 24, 2022


Love my sessions with michael. He’s understanding and patient and always makes me think or see things in ways I hadn’t seen or noticed before

M.A.·May 23, 2022


Michael is full of energy and delivers hard truths in the most delightful and enlightening way with practical examples and solutions.

S.O.·May 22, 2022


Micheal puts you at ease, and has you reflecting on new ideas and possibilities. He gets a grasp of what you’re struggling with fairly quickly. I enjoyed our first session and I am looking forward to more.

E.M.·May 19, 2022


Really amazing person always respectful and willing to listen. He can really pin point the issues and has a quick way to help. Always has a way to make you feel pretty good especially after a session.

G.A.·May 18, 2022


Mr. Hester was a fresh vibe to receive, considering this is the first time I have ever sought clinical counseling. His openness and expertise in many areas of life, as well as Biblical knowledge, helped me in my sessions, to not only feel better about myself, but about how I've been navigating through my life journey... and, how I can move in better ways, going forward.

B.R.·May 15, 2022


He seems to have a genuine concern for others.

D.E.·May 14, 2022


Michael is an excellent listener and makes it seem as if you’ve known him for years. He makes the environment very comfortable, which allows for any topic to be discussed.

L.U.·May 11, 2022


Being someone who has never looked for any kind of help like this, I feel like I was matched with someone who made me feel conformable to be able to freely share information I wouldn't share with just any one. Highly appreciated.

F.E.·May 11, 2022


Class act, he’s made my attempt at seeking help feel dignified and important.

J.A.·May 10, 2022


Michael Hester is in interesting fellow, when I first made the appointment I felt like something was wrong with me, not the case with him he takes you step by step, listens and is very keen on what's going on with his clients.

M.A.·May 10, 2022


So far I've had a really great experience. Look forward to more!

C.H.·May 09, 2022


From day one I felt comfortable. I was hesitant about therapy. But I was match with an amazing therapist and very understanding and honest!!

T.A.·May 08, 2022


My session with Michael was far more beneficial than I could have ever imagined.

B.R.·May 07, 2022


For the short time I been working with him he is great no complaints

N.U.·May 05, 2022


I enjoy working with Michael. He has good bedside manner and very competent.

Q.U.·May 01, 2022


Just finished my first session and Michael put me at ease and I look forward to next week

L.O.·Apr 25, 2022


Michael is an incredible therapist & mentor. He supports me and helps guide me to be the best version of myself. His constantly positive outlook is contagious and meetings with him will always brighten up even the darkest of days.

I.A.·Mar 13, 2022


Very nice

A.G.·Mar 04, 2022


Micheal Hester is a fine example of a therapist. Never finish one of our sessions with out a new outlook.

Z.U.·Jan 23, 2022


Today was the 1st session with Michael and wow I was full of Nerves but he made me feel comfortable and feel like I had made a friend from the off and can’t wait for are next session thanks again Michael

C.O.·Dec 30, 2021


Mr. Hester is very knowledgeable about his job. I really appreciate his input.

J.O.·Dec 27, 2021


I didn't know what to expect but go matched to the perfect therapist on the first go. Timely and so much needed. Thank you Michael. I see changes in my life. GOD BLESS YOU

M.A.·Dec 26, 2021


Michael is awesome. He's authentic, listens and has great advice.

L.A.·Dec 01, 2021


Brilliant therapist- can’t describe how his personality is so comforting and supportive, learn your tools and apply!

A.N.·Nov 23, 2021


Michael is helping me to see life in a more positive way and this is brilliant for my mental health recovery. Thank you Michael!

S.A.·Nov 19, 2021


Michael is amazing! I just finished my second session with him. He holds a lot of knowledge of life and people, with so much compassion. Our personalities work well together so my sessions don't feel like therapy, but more like a positive, empathic, energetic conversation that provides me with new skills. I look forward to our next session.

S.A.·Nov 13, 2021


Michael is a great human being who clearly has a lot of experience in helping people. He figured me out pretty quickly and helped guide me to make a quick recovery back to my best self.

H.U.·Nov 08, 2021


Michael and I clicked from the first appointment and I'm very glad to have found him through this service! It was a great match!

C.H.·Nov 03, 2021


Michael is a great therapist! He brings excitement and passion for helping others. The connections and realizations he creates put things into perspective. In a fun and exciting way. I am very glad to have him as my therapist! 10/10 recommend.

E.L.·Oct 29, 2021


Micheal is very solutions oriented. He stresses taking action, and he always lifts my spirits and motivates me when we meet. I would recommend him for anyone who is trying to bring more positivity to their mind and to their life.

D.O.·Oct 26, 2021


I have tremendous respect for Michael. His approach to counseling is always positive yet actionable. He normalizes your concerns as tangible and provides tools to best address them with a positive mindset. I’m always looking forward to our sessions. Very glad for the help!

S.T.·Oct 25, 2021


We've only met 2 times, but It seems like we've know each other for many years... I enjoy his prospective and how he communicates with me... Feels more like a big brother... Thx

K.E.·Oct 25, 2021


Michael is kind and lifts you up :)

D.I.·Oct 22, 2021


He is phenomenal. He always keeps a smile on my face and genuinely cares about me. I was so hesitant to seek help, but I am so grateful for Michael and so happy I joined and was matched with him.

L.A.·Oct 20, 2021


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